Our Values

Ola Pacifica has persevered since 2010 with passion and commitment, guided by a set of beliefs and values that continue to instil pride and love in doing more. 

Ola Pacifica has always been about helping others; being creative and doing things differently and recently, decided to do more to be as environmentally responsible as possible every day, at home, at work, and where ever else the best way it can. From cacao trees to chocolate bars and from farm to plate, each stage involves important environmental considerations that are either actively implemented, noted for action or identified as needing change.

It is important that Ola Pacifica brand is trusted for the purpose and quality it has committed itself to and is accountable for its actions and operations at all levels. Professionalism, people skills and loyalty are priorities that come with respect and valuable connections.

The development of quality output is an achievement that results from innovative ideas and creativity, within the limitations of food safety rules and international specifications. Ola Pacifica would not compromise on the quality of the beans, or any ingredient used in the sourcing, from cacao tree throughout each stage of the process to making chocolate, quality is significantly important as it carries with it a sense of obligation and responsibility.

The commitment to this business is ethical as well as the perseverance to be successful. Progressing to a truly sustainable reality is a huge challenge requiring hard work and perseverance, but with small baby steps at a time, we keep going and we will get there.

Ola Pacifica brand and everyone who has and still being involved is one big family, sharing, contributing, working together however small however big, we like to think if we do well, it is because of all the people who are here and those who had contributed, past and present. Whatever the challenges, we tackle it as a team and as a family of talented people and it is important that people involved are included, supported and acknowledged.

People need to be happy and enjoy what they do. At the same time, be motivated and challenged to do more. It is important that the brand inspire to excel in an environment that is enjoyable and productive, tolerant and resilient and most of all, fun, adaptable and accommodating.