Our Story

Ola Pacifica is a journey born from a passion for the Pacific community; a passion for sustainable living and a passion to make a difference, for Nia and Phil Belcher. For them, they understand that any income from the produce goes a long way to helping growers with their kids’ education, caring for the elderly and assisting with family and village affairs.

One of the few vertically integrated chocolate companies in the world; we grow, manufacture and distribute our own cacao products, ensuring control over the quality of the cacao used and the treatment of our growers as well as impact on the environment..

The journey started with a trial in 2010 which resulted in the birth of Ola Pacifica in November 2011. With the support of Chantal Organics Wholesale and owner Peter Alexandra, Ola Pacifica has progressed from cacao beans and nibs, to making quality pure and dark chocolates.

We import high quality cacao beans hand selected from Samoa and manufacture premium cacao products in our premises in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. We roast, winnow, grade, grind, conch, age, melt, temper, mould, and wrap the chocolates by hand to bring you cacao of superior quality. Our process uses minimal ingredients and is focused on preserving the natural flavours within the cacao to bring fine and exquisite cacao products and chocolate.

The supply base is Nia’s family in Samoa working with relatives and village growers regarding requirements for care, processing and shipping. The plantations are largely permaculture in nature as handed down by oral traditions and cultural practices. The cacao plants grown amongst the wide variety of tropical trees and rich soils provide a distinct and unique Pacific flavour.

Ola Pacifica brings together numerous members of the family and village communities both in Samoa and New Zealand.