Our Philosphy


Through Ola Pacifica we want to showcase the benefits and taste of real cacao and to take our customers on a journey on what real food tastes like. For us, we have 4 key cornerstones on which our business is based on:

We will not compromise on the quality of our beans, our cacao products, our chocolate bars or any ingredient used in the manufacture of the Ola Pacifica range.

It all starts with the quality of the beans and to provide 100% traceability we work with our own growers in Samoa to ensure that only the very best product carries the Ola Pacifica brand.

We are focused on delivering a sustainable cacao product for our community and our environment.

We are committed to sustainable, ethical and culturally correct, fair for all, and direct to grower trading; contributing to self-determination at the village level and protection of the environment.

It is important to us that the Ola Pacifica collection is ethically made.

Ola Pacifica practices a Direct Trade programme with our growers in Samoa, an incentive based reward system that focuses on paying farmers well beyond Fair Trade prices for quality of cacao.

Why did we start Ola Pacifica? – LOVE!

The Love for our family, for our growers and for our customers ensure sustainability and that we continue to grow and develop new products in the Ola Pacifica range. Join us and share the love.