Our History

This journey began with a phone call from Nia’s dad in the islands to find a market for the cacao farmers in her mum's village in Savaii. It was a phone call that was literally a cry for help in a way that was both strange and understandably familiar. Finding a market for the local farmers in Samoa then became the journey of Nia and Phil.

Nia was born and raised in Samoa until she came to University in New Zealand in 1994. Growing up in Samoa with numerous brothers, cousins, aunties, uncles and relatives, life was both adventurous and educational from an early age. Nia met Phil when in university in New Zealand, got married at the end of university and returned to live and work in Samoa early 1998. Nia worked in the then government department for Lands and Environment while Phil worked a variety of jobs in the private sector including Tinai, Gordon Engineers & Associates; Ole Siosiomaga Society and also Women in Business.

Moving back to New Zealand in 2001, Phil and Nia settled in Hawkes Bay with their four active boys. While life in Aotearoa is busy and has its challenges, the commitment to this business is driven by Phil and Nia’s life experiences both in Samoa and New Zealand; the urge to help their community back in Samoa, as well as actively contributing to promoting a real sustainable way of life. For them, they understand that any income from the produce goes a long way to helping farmers in Samoa with their kids’ education, caring for the elderly and assisting with family and village affairs.

The supply base in Samoa, has extended far beyond extended family to now working with over 30 farmers in different village communities both in Upolu and Savaii.