Our Chocolate


We will not compromise on the quality of our beans, or any ingredient used in the manufacture of our Ola Pacifica range of chocolate, which starts with the quality of the beans. To provide 100% traceability we work with our own growers in Samoa to ensure that only the very best product carries the Ola Pacifica brand.


Single-origin Samoan cacao

Cacao (ka-cow) are bean-like seeds from which real chocolate is made. Cacao grows in countries that are within latitudes 10°N and 10°S, which includes Samoa.

Our cacao is grown and harvested from traditional Samoan integrated permaculture plantations. It’s organically grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetics. Our beans are checked and sorted by hand three times to check the cacao for quality. Only the very best beans are selected!

Cacao is naturally bitter depending on the variety of plant, soil, climate, sunlight and rain that is received during the growing process, although some varieties are more bitter than others. Ola chocolate is made from a mixed blend of heritage varieties. It’s dark chocolate as you’ve never tasted before - not bitter and incredibly flavoursome.


Our growers are valued partners

We believe a grower’s efforts are the most critical factor in bringing you exceptional cacao products, and our growers should be paid fairly for their valuable work. For a high quality product such as ours, extra care must be taken during all stages of growing cacao: from harvesting pods at the right moment to adjustments in fermentation and drying during all weather conditions. In return, the quality of cacao is elevated and the growers’ profitability is increased. 

We provide culturally correct, fair for all, direct to grower trading; our aim is to contribute to self-determination at the village level. Ola Pacifica practices a Direct Trade programme with our growers in Samoa: an incentive based reward system that focuses on paying farmers well beyond Fair Trade prices for high quality cacao. Direct Trade fosters high-impact relationships between producers and buyers. Ola Pacifica frequently travels to our growers and personally facilitates the process, ultimately working to achieve highest possible quality. 

“We like to use this customary protocol, because we know it works, we know it’s sustainable, and it is my culture.” Nia Belcher, Ola Pacifica Founder.


Ethical + sustainable

We are committed to delivering a sustainable cacao product for our community and our environment: 

  • We work with our growers to ensure they use sustainable growing practices
  • The Direct Trade programme with our growers ensures they are paid well beyond Fair Trade prices for a quality product. A sustainable income goes a long way to helping growers with their kids’ education, caring for the elderly and assisting with family and village affairs.
  • Our packaging is recyclable
  • Our Swiss chocolate-makers are an accredited carbon neutral partner


      Expertly crafted in Switzerland

      Our chocolate is made in Switzerland by (arguably) the world’s best chocolate makers. We spent a lot of time finding a partner who believed in our philosophy and wanted to work in partnership with us to make the best chocolate in the world. They use traditional small batch methods, and are committed to delivering an incredible product.


      No additives - just real ingredients

      Our chocolate does not have any extra fillers or additives such as starch, oily additives, cocoa flavoured sugar, soy, cocoa flavoured milk solid or Dutch cocoa. “Dutching” is the process of alkalizing cocoa by adding potassium or sodium carbonates before oil extraction. Some large corporations hide low-quality, astringent cacao varieties by alkalizing and adding other ingredients. Ola Pacifica does not do this!


      Plant-based for vegans

      All our ingredients are sourced from plants with no dairy or non-plant additives. Therefore our chocolate is suitable for vegans.


      Low allergy

      Our chocolate does not contain any soy, dairy or gluten, but please note that our chocolate is made in a facility that also processes almond, hazelnuts, milk and soy.


      The most important factor: love!

      We’ve brought together our tribe of family, growers, chocolate makers and other trusted partners to create you a truly delicious, ethical, sustainable bar of chocolate. Enjoy!