Our Chocolate

Taste the Difference

After making artisan products including dark chocolate since 2010, Ola Pacifica recently set out to produce delicious dark chocolate without the need for many additives especially no milk. The goal was to produce the finest decadent chocolate that tastes just as good if not better than normal confectionery milk chocolate. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with the following unique selling propositions. We invite you to get hold of an Ola Pacifica bar and taste the difference.

Ethical + Direct trade

Our commitment to being fair and ethical is direct trading with each grower; ensuring quality and traditional care at source; developing sustainable relationships and making informed smart decisions without compromising quality of the cacao beans. From bean to bar, the journey continues to make changes as we seek environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable solutions that are economically viable.

No additives - just real ingredients

No fillers or additives such as starch, oily additives, lethicin, soy, milk solids or Dutch cocoa. “Dutching” is the process of alkalizing cocoa by adding potassium or sodium carbonates before oil extraction. In some cases, hide low-quality, astringent cacao varieties by alkalizing and adding other ingredients. Ola Pacifica does not do this!

Plant-based ingredients

All our ingredients are sourced from plants with no dairy or non-plant additives. Due to owner's allergy to dairy, Ola Pacifica chocolate has always been plant based from the beginning. 

The sourcing of flavor ingredients has also been considerate of this. As such our chocolate is also suitable for vegans. Consequently, no animals were used, affected or killed in the process of sourcing the beans to producing chocolate bars.

Low allergy

Our chocolate recipes do not include any soy, lethicin, gmo, dairy or gluten. Raw sugar is used and amount per serving is very low. 

Please note that our chocolate is made in a facility that also handles almond, hazelnuts, milk and soy. While the equipment is cleaned between batches, the chocolate may still contain some traces of the nuts, milk and soy or gluten.

Quality & Organically Grown

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product to be world class and as such, the uniqueness and premium decadence, is in the taste.

Our cacao is not certified organic but is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals. Cacao trees are grown in traditional integrated permaculture plantations. From the plant care to harvesting and processing to sundrying and storage, the beans are checked, sorted and inspected under watchful eyes for quality.

All other ingredients in all our chocolate are certified organic except for the Samoan cacao beans; hence our chocolate cannot be labelled certified organic even though 90% of the ingredients are certified. 

Expertly crafted 

Our manufacturing shifted to Switzerland where our chocolate is produced for us by not just any Swiss chocolate maker but one with aligned philosophy on sustainability. With Swiss craftsmanship and intelligence, the bean to bar journey continues with sustainable cocoa farming, sourcing raw material with ethical and ecological procurement guidelines to energy efficient alternatives and actively doing their part in minimising effects on the environment. This is a huge step in our journey, we are very proud and very fortunate that our chocolate is expertly crafted; and more people in our networks are supported direcly and indirectly.

Certified Carbon Neutral

We are proud of the fact that our chocolate is certified carbon neutral by the Swiss which is an impressive bonus working with the best chocolate makers in the world. The total CO2 released into the atmosphere from the production of this recent batch of chocolate; 5tons of beans from the Pacific turned to chocolate bars in Europe, has been offset by the equivalent of 48 timber trees planted in Peru. Specifically these timber trees planted means that we have contributed to the Jubilacion Segura Project in San Martin and Amazonas regions where it involves agroforesty methods to reforest degraded lands from illegal forestation and land degradation.

Love and embrace the taste!

We’ve brought together our tribe of family, growers, supporters, chocolate makers and other trusted partners to create you a truly delicious, ethical, sustainable bar of decadent chocolate. Enjoy and embrace the quality taste all the way from the South Pacific to the world.