Direct Trade Cacao

We are committed to sustainable, ethical and culturally correct, fair for all, and direct to grower trading; contributing to self-determination at the village level.

Ola Pacifica deals directly with our growers in Samoa, an incentive based trade system that focuses on paying growers well beyond Fair Trade prices for quality of cacao.

We understand a grower’s efforts are the most critical factor in bringing you exceptional cacao products, and our growers should be paid for their valuable work. Compared to selling in conventional markets, extra care must be taken during all stages of growing cacao: from harvesting pods at the right moment to adjustments in fermentation and drying during all weather conditions. In return, the quality of cacao is elevated and the growers’ profitability is increased.

Direct Trade fosters high-impact relationships between producers and buyers. Ola Pacifica frequently travels to our growers and personally facilitates the process, ultimately working to achieve highest possible quality.

“We like to use this customary protocol, because we know it works, we know it’s sustainable, and it is my culture.” Nia.