Cooking 4 Change

We are really excited about the newly released cookbook Cooking 4 Change. A cookbook for New Zealanders, and one with a very important mission and message.

Cooking 4 Change Cookbook

The Cooking 4 Change cookbook is the brainchild of artist Dick Frizzell, his business partner Christian Kasper, and TV presenter Erin Simpson and was created to make change happen through awareness, community and education.

Cooking 4 Change are on an important mission to work on creative projects to raise funds and build awareness of a growing global problem of people getting access to good food. They want to create A World Without Hunger – that means reducing food poverty around the globe, and is why all profits that Cooking 4 Change ever make will be given back to community organisations that help feed and educate people everywhere in the world.

With a focus on the key areas of education and budgeting, Cooking 4 Change will also work with Kiwi families to get the most out of tight pantry budgets and educate them on healthy and affordable food choices. Cooking 4 Change believes food is the fuel of life, and we want to work with you to make sure there is enough fuel to go round for everyone.

Learn more about Cooking 4 Change over on their website:

Cooking 4 Change Kokoalaisa (Samoan Cocoa Rice)

It's an honour for us that Actress Teuila Blakely's recipe for Kokoalaisa (Samoan Cocoa Rice) on page 65 features our very own Cacaoccino! 

It's awesome to be a small part of such an important project, and you can do your bit by heading over to the Cooking 4 Change website or your local Whitcoulls to purchase your copy with all proceeds going toward education and distribution of food around the world - love it!


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